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Arts of the Left Coast First Studio Show

August 1, 2011


Arts of the Left Coast is a group of artists holding their first studio show. 
Their works will be exhibited on the westside of Santa Cruz.

Please see the full press release is below. It includes a short statement from each of the artists. 
Please let me know if I can answer any questions. 
For additional information see available links on Myra Eastman -

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August 1, 2011, Santa Cruz, California– What? Another art show? Why yes! This one is not juried, uncensored, and not to be missed. Eleven artist working independently are producing thought provoking imagery in bronze sculptures, paintings, assemblage and mixed media. Viewers will enjoy some humorous pieces, serious figure explorations and beautiful technical skills all in one location. This close group of artist, though not all are Santa Cruz natives, began meeting nearly every other week for figure drawing sessions in 1996, 15 years! Through enthusiastic figure drawing experiences, they have created strong links, and are always sharing creative ideas. The September show will also include neon art, jewelry, and prints.

Arts of the Left Coast will debut their First Studio Show on September 17 and 18, 2011, Saturday and Sunday from 11am - 5pm at 716 Walnut, Santa Cruz, CA.

Meet all the artists:

Jennifer Lovejoy is an artist from a rich history of art that goes back generations. She has worked in sculpture, textiles, fashion and painting. She currently works in acrylics.

Bob McKim tends to explore themes with his bronze sculpture.  His Global Warming series shows figures clinging to spheres in a variety of ways.  His Audacity of Hoop series portrays figures flying or falling through metal hoops. Boticelli's Florentine painting Venus on a Half Shell is revisited with his Santa Cruz sculpted version, Venus on a Half Can of Tuna Lite.

Myra Eastman is a Santa Cruz artist. Her latest acrylic paintings will be exhibited in this show.

Debbie Simpson is a figure sculptor whose work focuses on energy, gesture, and texture.

A product of local public handouts, Jon Joaquin came to painting late, after a life of dubious distinction.

John Eastman crafts functional art frames which draw the viewer in to their own limitless realm through the use of sacred mirrors, shiny garnets and victorian scrap. The sacred mirrors represent both the viewer and the viewed; the shiny garnets the stars in the night sky; the victorian scrap the really, really pretty pictures; and the frames themselves the border between art and the real.

Kim Connors: My cousin broke off some beads for me from her bead box when I was 10 years old. I always loved jewelry but being a child, I had no money, so it was nice to be able to make it for myself. Decades later, I still love jewelry, the hunt for materials, design, and the execution. I find my materials at thrift stores, estate sales, garage sales, bead stores and craft stores. 

Sasha Wylde is a Santa Cruz native and recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design who has a passion for the many techniques and styles of printmaking. Her work exhibits a love for detail and an exploration of organic forms from botanical imagery to delicate prints of plant cells on the microscopic level.

True, there have been times when Brian Garvey was guilty of over working his images. Now rehabilitated, his new designs are all fresh and clean.

Maggie Yee tells stories with her assemblage boxes and her acrylic paintings. Clues can be found in the titles of her work.

Mike Horton is an industrial recycling artist who works in neon.



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