Friday, September 24, 2010

September Artist: Justin Angelos - Disaster Information

September Artist: Justin Angelos - Disaster Information

September 2010: Disaster Information
Art by Justin Angelos

Flood, tornado, earthquake, job loss, bankruptcy, oil spill, death. Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. We are reminded of this daily.

Culled from abandoned property, roadsides, flea markets, mass media and the debris of passed family members this latest collection of work is a response, escape and even shelter in the wake of life changing events. Attempting to find beauty in discarded objects and breath new life into images long forgotten, a new world emerges from the ruble of the past. Demi-gods, heroes and evil-doers alike inhabit a landscape of shape, color and pattern.

When disaster strikes where will you run for shelter?

Disaster Information
The Art of Justin Angelos
September 1st-30th
Artists Reception Friday, 3rd, 5:30-8pm
SubRosa, 703 Pacific at Spruce St

Justin Angelos was born in 1971 in Los Angeles, Ca. After spending many years on the road with a job in the tradeshow industry Justin now lives in Santa Cruz, Ca where he is a fulltime stay at home dad and artist.

Life, death, loss and rebirth play a major role in the forming of many of his ideas. Inspired by the current state of our world and the debris man leaves in his wake, Justin’s palette is often made up of found and discarded objects collected in abandoned houses, vacant lots, roadsides and second hand stores. Primitive culture, the animal world and today’s fast paced and disposable society, continue to add fuel to his work.


SubRosa Community Space
703 Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz, CA  95060


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