Monday, June 7, 2010

DUST & ILLUSIONS, 30 Years of BM. A documentary

June 3rd 2010. Santa Cruz, Rio Theater, 7:30pm

The film, DUST & ILLUSIONS,explores the entire history of the Burning Man event. Whether you have been to Burning Man or not, or are even interested in the subject, the film goes beyond the simple event in the desert, and looks at how ideals/utopias we've had in our youth evolve through an entire lifetime. Specifically, the documentary starts in the late 1970s with 2 groups of people out of the San Francisco underground movements all the way to the multi-million dollar business Burning Man has become, and how politics might have replaced philosophies.

DUST & ILLUSIONS is a fresh look at Burning Man. I didn't make the film to convince people to go there, NOR did I make the film to "re-create" the Burning Man experience. I made the film to present a perspective on 30 years of evolution. I have unearthed passage of history that even most participants of the early burns have never heard about. I did it to bring all of you one night in a theater so we can reflect together on how relevant what we're doing in the desert is, and what we can do to make it even more relevant
NPR movie critic David Anthony will be hosting the Q&A after the film with director Olivier Bonin.


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