Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Demystifying Anarchy: a panel discussion

Setting The Record Straight About Anarchism

Local anarchists host panel discussion about Demystifying Anarchy

On Thursday June 24th, local anarchists are hosting a panel discussion entitled "Demystifying Anarchy" to help non-anarchists understand the depth and nuance of anarchism.  The event is intended for people who are curious about the philosophy, or might have questions or concerns.  A flier for the event says, "Anarchists are everywhere, but who are they really?  What do they actually want?"  It goes on to ask, "Are they really trying to destroy everything? Don't believe the hype. Come find out for yourself."

Demystifying Anarchy will happen Thursday June 24th at 6:30pm at Louden Nelson Center Room 3.  It will feature a panel of self-identified anarchists who will speak about what anarchy means to them and how they see the world.  Following the moderated panel discussion, substantial time is set aside for questions and answers from the public.

"Anarchism is a political theory which aims to create a society within which individuals freely co-operate together as equals," according to the Anarchist FAQ.  Wikipedia says that anarchism "considers the state undesirable, unnecessary and harmful."  However, the Oxford Companion to Philosophy says, "there is no single defining position that all anarchists hold, and those considered anarchists at best share a certain family resemblance."

The event is organized by an ad hoc group of Santa Cruz locals from the anarchist community.  The event is free, but donations to support Louden Nelson and travel expenses for panelists are appreciated.
Demystifying Anarchy:
a panel discussion with speakers, food, and Q&A
Thursday, June 24th, 6:30pm
Louden Nelson Center, Room 3
Santa Cruz, California


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