Monday, May 24, 2010

Kecak Monkey Chant Wed 5pm at Body & Soul

Kecak: Indonesian Monkey Chant
Wednesday 26 May 3:45pm
Body & Soul on Squid Row, 738 Chestnut St    

Join this newly-formed vocal group for the afternoon and experience Kecak, a form of vocal percussion and dance originating in Bali, Indonesia, and inspired by traditional gamelan.  Kecak is performed by a circle of dozens and even hundreds of performers chanting in interlocking patterns and performing choreographed motions.

Come prepared to play and sing. Bring your monkey energy and water to drink. A few dollars donations suggested to cover the cost of the space.

(Note that from here on out, Kecak practice is on Wednesdays at 5pm at UCSC on the hill above East Remote parking just down from the East Field House.  There is a very large old oak tree marking the spot. )

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