Saturday, May 15, 2010

Admin note: Self-Moderation and List promotion

Howdy, friends.

If you regularly contribute to SCArt and have a track record of posting
within the list guidelines. With self-moderation, your posts don't have
to wait for approval and instead go out to the list right away. Feel
free to request it.

Scart is just over three years old (birthday May 2007), and there are
about 100 people on the list. With like fifty thousand artists in Santa
Cruz, I'd like to see more people on the list. I'd like more people to
know about what creative artistic splendor we are up to.

Easy things to do:

1. Cut and paste to your FaceBook status:

Santa Cruz: I'm a member of SCArt, the Santa Cruz Art List, you can be
too. Check it out here:

2. Send the following message to likely folks from your address book:

Hello, friends,

(Sorry if you've already received this or are already a member)
Thought you'd like to know about SCArt, the Santa Cruz Cruz Art
list, a forum for announcing non-institutional art events, meetings and
projects, ideas and news. A website and email list, to keep in touch, to
announce art events, and to document our work. The email list is a
low-volume, moderated list sharing information about local Santa Cruz
art topics only.

Need to announce an art happening? Is it local to Santa Cruz? Is it
non-institutional? Non-commercial? Send an announcement to our moderated
announcement list:

To subscribe, visit
Please forward this invitation to others who might be interested!

3. Announce the list at your events.

4. Let me know if you want some 1/4 page flyers to hand out or put on
literature tables.

Again, thanks to Skip of SCPEL from whom I stole whole chucks of stuff for this



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