Monday, March 29, 2010

SubRosa Art Opening: Trenton Rembert

SubRosa Art Opening: Trenton Rembert
Friday, April 2 6-8pm

On Friday, April 2, SubRosa will welcome the art of Trenton Rembert to its walls. Trenton's art is a unique intersection of seemingly opposed elements. The viewer is greeted by gritty and chaotic fields punctuated by enigmatic figures.

This mixture of realism and abstraction creates a contrast that exposes the subjectivity of living, exploring how emotions, fears and beliefs mold the way we perceive the world. Themes such as dreams, weather, death, the seasons, and apocalypse constructed from hair, leaves, trash, and other found objects juxtaposed with painted elements further suggest the question: what is real, what is created?

Trenton calls his process "a mixture of spontaneity and careful planning. I enjoy the discipline of realism and the expressiveness and freedom of gesture. It's a kind of controlled accident or action-reaction." His process allows him to accumulate layer after layer of acrylic washes mixed with raw materials, such as dirt or ground plants and wood, to build color and texture. The end product is somewhere between painting and collage.

Trenton's works create a haunting feeling of loneliness and desperation, but also of magic and wonder. His work is influenced by the landscapes that Trenton has lived in: the Sierras of his childhood, the Santa Cruz redwoods he now calls home. Rather than landscapes, his pieces capture portraits both of the places Trenton has lived and the isolation of modern existence.

Trenton Rembert at SubRosa
Artists Reception Friday, April 2, 6-8pm
SubRosa: A Community Space
703 Pacific at Spruce St
Santa Cruz, CA 95061


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