Monday, March 22, 2010

Santa Cruz Local New Year's Parade Under Attack

Last week, I received a pricey ticked by mail for violation of Santa Cruz Municipal Code 10.65.030(a) "A Non-Commercial Event Without a Permit."  The fine would be $293 if I didn't fight it.  Apparently there were 16 pages of evidence introduced, no doubt from the lastnightdiy website. 

I'd like to fight it and am looking for a lawyer willing to make big noise over first amendment issues.  Any ideas or recommendations?

This is not about me nor about individuals, but about our community's right to have a celebration.  To be clear, neither I nor any of the original organizers have done anything to organize the parade in years, other than occasionally updating the website.  The parade is an example of communities coming together to create a diverse and interesting celebration without the help of the city, businesses, or institutions.  A true do-it-yourself parade in which people self-organize.  Holding one person hostage to squash the jubilant celebration of a whole town is offensive.  What kind of community response can we offer?

Wes Modes


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