Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lies You Can't Escape From

Night Ride wants your story.  In each episode, we look at a different subject in an aural collage of music and story.

In the next episode we look at Lies You Can't Escape From, the lies that have haunted you for years, those insidious seeds that have spun entire webs of deception, those lies that have changed your life.  We want to hear yours.

Right now, while you are thinking about it, pickup the phone and leave us your story.  831-704-6690.  Seriously. 

Night Ride is all about the narrative voice. Written as in literature, or spoken as in oral history. Human beings traffic in stories. Let me tell you about my day, my life, or something that happened to me once upon a time. Stories are dreamy. They take you to other places, other times, other lives.

Night Ride has aired on KUSP and Free Radio Santa Cruz at various times since 2001.


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