Thursday, August 27, 2009

Art Opening: Michael Orick and Tom Calderone

The Collages of Michael Orick and Tom Calderone

On Friday, September 4th, at 5pm, SubRosa is excited to welcome collage artists Michael Orick and Tom Calderon.  Calderon and Orick have been hosting a weekly gathering of artists for more than three years, creating a wide variety of collage art.  Each, in distinct stylistic approaches to life and art, will be presenting pieces created at Collage Night,  and viewable on the walls of SubRosa and at
Orick applies values and guides meanderings with his jaunty approach to dismantling social interaction.  His claims of art for art’s sake, is couched in a literary tradition of blanched intellectualism mixed with pale understandings of things: things such as color and time, silly similies and woman’s underwear.  His past is yesterday’s now.  Orick is gliding gracefully, with limbs akimbo.
Calderon, with his understanding of politics and religion, attempts to create visions of the reality behind the accepted spectacle.  His imagery is savage and calm, shockingly beautiful and sadly real, steeped in water like a fine tea, flavored something excellent.
Collage, considered by some the premier postmodern art form, has remained as fresh as local produce, and a clear link to the time before Nike and Coca-Cola.  Weilding their exacto-knives and glue sticks, collagenight provacateurs Calderon and Orick, hope to push the agenda of dreamers everywhere.

Art Opening: Michael Orick and Tom Calderone
Friday, September 4th, at 5pm
SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz

703 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz


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