Sunday, October 14, 2007

SCART: What exactly is this?

The Santa Cruz Art List is a collaborative effort to announce local art happenings, connect a community of artists, and document local art.


Need to announce an art happening? Is it local to Santa Cruz? Is it non-commercial? Send an announcement to our moderated announcement list:

Get announcements of local art shows, events, performances, and social gatherings by subscribing to the announcement list here.  The email list is a low-volume, moderated list sharing information about local Santa Cruz art topics only.

Will SCArt feature public guerilla art? Certainly. Public performance? Absolutely. Creative groups operating outside of the realm of commerce? For sure. Street art? Street music? Yes and yes. Announcements for gallery shows? Sure, though we wouldn't want that to be the bulk of what we're doing here. How about city-sponsored events? I hope not, but who knows. Awesome bands playing at Moe's Alley?  Probably, not.

Do you do performance? Conceptual art? Non-commercial music? Want to join a discussion focusing on the process of making art and building community? We prefer to focus on the cathartic process of creating art, collaboration and community, conceptional art and performance. We'd like to hear from you. Email us at


We hope the Santa Cruz Art list will be a good way to connect with other artists and create community. Share a beer or a creative idea, or ask questions about process, or reach out from a North Coast studio or a South County warehouse to make new friends and alliances.

This is less about "making it" as an artist, and more about making art. Its all about this elusive something that we have a difficult time describing. A bit of underdogism, perhaps, a sense of struggling together, of changing the world through art, of making the world a fabulous, beautiful, mysterious, and surprising place.


We created the Santa Cruz Art List as an attempt to document some of the non-institutional creative efforts of artists in Santa Cruz. We want your contributions and documentation of your creative endeavors in and around Santa Cruz.  It is a moderated site drawn from contributions to the announcement list.  So we need your show reviews and reportbacks, photos and art.

An artist friend once told us that if you don't document art, any newcomer in town is not going to know that Santa Cruz has a vibrant art community that exists largely outside of the gallery grind. Document, she said, and the artists in town, new and old, will have a sense of momentum -- a sense, that in spite of the lack of art galleries, art buyers, art patrons, art grants, art money, that this town has a lively habit of blurring the boundary between art and life.



Al Udall on July 24, 2010 at 1:21 PM said...

I liked this:
" SCArt is really about connecting with other artists, to share a beer or a creative idea,..."

So, I'm an old Russian oil painter, of classic Russian school, residing in Capitola now. Samples of my art can be found here: and .

As for connecting with whoever, I'm looking for a pub/bar with cheapest pilsner, or (worse) lager on tap frequented by local artists. Preferably in shortest walking distance from my studio (38th Ave. and railroad crossing.

If anyone ever reads this, thank you.

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