Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra Recruiting

Fight tyranny! Resist oppression! See the world! Join...

The Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra

We are a marching percussion band – a bone-shaking
recycled orchestra – a superhero sonic force of
resistance to be reckoned with, and we need you!

We make percussion on tuned cans, hubcaps and barrels,
drums, pieces of sheet metal, and homemade oddities.

If you are full of rebellious insolence and music in your
heart, we need you to be part of the band. Bring your
courage, your passion, your righteous anger. Bring your
instruments, recycled or otherwise.

We want to see the Trash Orchestra grow to dozens of players, appearing invited and uninvited at protests and celebrations, furors and frackuses. We want regular practices and appearances, invites from far and wide pouring in to make noise and celebration in places across the globe. We see everyone in the band becoming virtuosos of their own handmade musical creations. We are ambitious in our plans to conquer the world and make it a better place full of music and dancing and resistance. We're pretty serious about this, so you wanna join us?



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